Saturday, April 16, 2016

Motivational Season

Here comes the sun !here comes the sun!  I wish we could live everyday like it's spring.
Spring certainly  brings a smile ! why? due to warm weather and sunshine, although the weather is not quite special " particularly in Europe which  during spring or summer there is lot of rains and winds regardless it seems sunny . Therefore its time to give those black clothes a break and begin to blend in more bright and colourful clothes.

Meanwhile summer is just around the corner , how do you prepare for summer ?
are you beach body ready? hahaha
I think the spring season itself gives us an awakening I call it ''Motivational season''  It's simply mean you want the summer body, do you want to fit into those tight jeans and mini skirt . then you have to work it out baby"""
This does not mean you only have to be fit or work your butt off for the summer, surely not, it's advisable to maintain a healthy  weight and life style all the time.

Tell you what, is frankly not easy to keep up with fitness and stay on a healthy diet, we tend to fall of the wagon so often behind our control especially during winter, the days seem long and gloomy all we want is eat and cozying sleep. nothing else. Mind you, Summer is also the season of temptation '' I'm talking lots of ice cream, plenty junk food, drinking , partying , events , festivals and happy people. Meanwhile Spring is here ! I  goals for this summer. I want to achieve a sexy and fit body !  ''Summer I am coming for you.'' lol ''  Have you not noticed soon as we plugged into spring everybody making their way back to the gym and also start on a diet plans and exercises ? this makes perfect sense ''Goals & Motivation'' everyone has one or got to have one.

What are your tips for maintaining a healthy weight or lose weight?
please comment below , it will be great to read!

I have not personally go to the gym in a while, there a few years ago , I had a terrible experience to sign up for a membership , I must tell you that I end up paying more than what I sign for . what exactly happens ........
I sign for a year 's gym membership contract with Fitness first.  then at the  very end of my contract its happened that I had a lost , my father died , I remember becoming very depress and sad I lost interest in everything, not only  that, I accidentally fell down the stairs and twisted my ankle. as they say ''one bad thing can easily to many others''  in other way >>"misery loves company ."
Meanwhile my contract was still evolving without me having to benefits from. The awful thing was that you can not even call them to cancel, they wouldn't permit or even accept it. a contract is a contract.  #period.  all the need is their money, doesn't really matter to them what you going through, you still have to pay. Anyway  that wasn't any concern at all, I know it was coming to an end, it was almost the end of my contract with fitness first that's what I first thought.
I received a confirmation email of my membership coming to end. I was so  delighted and relieved didn't know whether I should contact  about it neither they haven't told me so.  I thought we were done, poor me I was  absolutely clueless, my bank continued to pay the debit agreement without my knowledge this was ongoing 3 month after the contract ended,  while I was home  sick, frustrated, grieving including an injury foot. On top of all this,  I was paying cluelessly an unnecessary bill. They've kept collecting money for  3 months while my contract with them was supposed to finished. As soon as I find out , I called the fitness first ; They had the audacity to say  I never called to cancel the contract, so they thought I was still interested in the membership , so they carry on with another contract. I was so upset, immediately cancel the direct debit connecting to my bank account.
The worst was when they were unable to receive payments from the bank they start suddenly sending text messages and calls including letters saying I 'm owing them money and should continued with new contract, I  disagree with them I was really offended with such threatening behaviour, well we all know  where issues like this usually end up.........  it was such a catastrophic experience.
I decide to never again sign up any gym contract membership .

Motivation, Motivation : one thing I'm into this days for keeping myself in shape is running yes ''run''
30 minutes at least 3or 4 times a week it's such a great fitness exercises, no wonder they have treadmill in the gym! it hurt but worthy and plus it's free!

Advise: run only miles that you can potentially reach don't over exceed your limits.
always hear or feel your heart rate at every time.
Do your running exercises in the park or sidewalks
Look left and right before crossing the road, wait for the green man signal.

I'm wearing 
Moschino turtleneck 
Zara trouser  
Shoes from
Von dutch here
Bag secret Pon pon Italian designer can be find here


  1. You look fabulous! The color of the top and the boots is so cool!

  2. Another wonderful look, you look great.

  3. Looking fab!

  4. Hi Sandra! I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I can only imagine how difficult that is. And to top it off, what happened with your gym membership. So messed up. I don't work out at a gym. I'd rather walk outdoors. LOVE the outfit btw. So chic!

    1. Thanks you so much dear friend, you're so right working outdoor is fantastic ! No contact and good fresh air ! Thank you for reading by x