Thursday, January 12, 2017

January 12, 2017 6

Happy New Year 2017

Greeting everybody

It's a new year! hope everyone had the best Christmas and New year, hopes up and more to come.
how is the New year treating you so far ? I guess it's too early to tell :(
thought to share with you one of  my favourite flashback shoot for 2016 hope you like xox

I wish you all a prosperous New Year !

Vest: Studio max old 
Legging: from Tkmxx old 
Fringe belt from Ebay 
Shoes: Schutz
Bag vintage Chanel 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

November 10, 2016 14

There is no Excuse

Greeting everyone 

I know it's been a long time since I posted and there is no excuse for this, except
I feel increasingly disconnected writing blog at the moment , I'm losing interest. Do not ask me why, because I do not know why?
well , enough with my complaints let prehaps talk about other In fact let me tell you briefly  what I've been up to lately! Do you remember a post I wrote a while ago during Spring where I talked about my experience concerning the gym membership ? Although I've promised myself to never get involve in signing accession agreement, despite being so in love with the fitness lifestyle. However few months ago I came across this offer in a coupon or discount site called Wowcher offering 10 gym pass for 10 pounds only , great deal'' right? no contract needed , anytime I wanted to pop in I  will use a single code and redeemed to the gym site in order to get access to the gym . I've used all my pass , had such a great time having  joined fitness classes program and used all the gym's facilities , unfortunately 10 days wasn't satisfying ''sad'' however my boyfriend was charming enough and bless me with a membership contract signed with its own debit card '' his such a hero !!!
Having returned to the gym and work my time has become very short, I barely have time to relax this days "sad" that's why I'm not constantly blogging. But I promise to do my best and continue as long as I can. '' There is no excuse my friend '' I wanted it, so I should keep doing it.

I was wearing 
Dress Japonica from a boutique 
Boots Christian Louboutin
Belt Versace for men 
Sunglass Celine 
 Have a Bless weekend everyone xox

Thursday, October 13, 2016

October 13, 2016 15

First Autumn Look

Greeting everyone !

Hope everybody's adjusting very well and doing fine.
In brief, here first autumn look for this year ,which I hold back to publish due to my slow editing, On the other hand, I'm trying to be more creative in writing by finding captivating topics to help ameliorate my blogging skill. 

hope you like and thank you for passing by xoxo always a pleasure reading your comment!

I'm wearing;
Jacket vintage from portable Market 
Bodysuit from Misguided 
Skirt from River Island old
Shoes from Aldo old 
Old Accessories from Matalan and H§M 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September 27, 2016 22

5 Smart Bargain Hunting Tips

Greeting everyone !

Shopping has never been Easier or more exhausting and overwhelming. 
My first tips will be the Search Engines , I spend plenty time online , so most of my shoppings I do it online . Shopping online can save you time, and money.  Here a few of my favourite shopping engines 
  •  Google shopping 
  • Amazon 
  • eBay 
  • Shopstyle
  • Pricegrabber
  • Shopzilla                           
  •   etc...  If you know more please share in the comment with us it's will be much appreciated . These days technology designate it even better, it's astonishing  to see how you can now shop at your fingertips via your smartphone. Best way is to download your preference shopping site on the apps . there you go ! Some online stores have discount code and offers free delivery. use websites such as and to check what is on offer.
Sites such as and Topcashback also help you earn cashback on your shopping, but you need to create an account first.
  • Boutiques:  this is another way to discover luxury fashion, some boutiques are independent and stock high end  fashion designer ,the price tag can be super expensive ,but nevertheless  some goods worth the expense! alternatively find your nearest fashion boutique, found out whether they'll have sale anytime soon!                                                                                                         
  • Charity Shops : some people find it weird and cheap but there are really are some great things for sale that people throw away . It's always worth a look some things are brand new . Similar to drift shops and vintage stores a slight difference  is  that most charity items came from  donations and some from recycling , while buying in the charities shop not only you are shopping for your own satisfaction but you're supporting  vulnerable people living with medical conditions and those living with poverty in the world. 
  • Charities like Red Cross , cancer research , Oxfam and many more... while drift store is a retro shop people sale their preowned goods for cash . 
  • Vintage stores for timeless fashion. smart if you are into stylish unique fashion buying most 60's style. All this alternatives are cheaper way to get your designer fashion fix and for bargain shopping , additionally way to  possess some prestiges items . Another alternative is Market : in the Uk we have many markets across all the cities ,the biggest and most famous ones runs Saturday and Sunday here is few of I know 
  • Portobello road Market 
  • Brick lane Market 
  • Spitalfields Market
  • Camden Market 
  • Dagenham Market
  • Shopping Outlet  not only it's an outlet but an excellent way to grab designer bargain with an extravagance prices ! find out about where are your shopping outlet in your city . Most shopping outlet items are past season , but that's no even an issue right ?because you get 60 % off or even 80 %  off the original price . How does is sound ? here Few shopping Outlet I know :
  • London designer outlet Wembley
  • Hackney designer outlet
  • McArthurglen Outlet 
  • Livingston designer outlet 
  • Ashford designer outlet 
  • Bicester village outlet     
  • Tkmaxx  
  • East Midlands designer outlet       
  •            Online outlets 
  • Tkmaxx 
  • Secretsales 
  • Cocosa
  • Brandoutlet 
  • Theoutnet        
Some fashion designer do have sales and outlets section on their website, keep an eye on.
Last but not least                                    
  • High street fashion  :  sometimes it's worth visiting real life shops. visite your shopping Mall frequently when you have the time , this will give you an highlight about current and most recent fashion trends , this is absolutely a brilliant way to keep up with fashion trends .The high street  fashion do offer sales regularly each month and seasons , the biggest sales between summer and December in the Uk  . Sign up to your favourite high street store for offers updates and news. 
Happy shopping dears ! Xox 

This beautiful dress I bought on Ebay from China for only 7pound approximately 9dollar unbelievable right ? here is the link  the delivery took a month but worth the wait !

Shoes Gucci strap high heel sandal 

Monday, September 05, 2016

September 05, 2016 10

Summer 16

Summer is the season for holidays and festival!
What to wear? For a carnival or festival , do not beat yourself much , there is no need to dress up for a serious business lol
Festivals are made ​​for the pleasure of making you feel happy and delight, if you have a T shirt to wear with jeans or short just put it on then you ready to go for some fun. a tank top is even more essential for the hotter days but nevertheless wear whatever you feel most comfortable .
Most importantly have fun and make new friends!
This year was London Notting hill carnival, 52nd anniversary, I attended the last day of the carnival this is not what I wore on the day, I went for something else instead.

Here is my inspired look for the carnival!

I was wearing : 
T shirt and short both from New look 
heel Sam Edelman
sunglass New look
Bag purchased from a boutique

Thursday, August 18, 2016

August 18, 2016 17

Denim on Denim Encore!

There is no doubt denim on denim is one of my best -love trend! can't get enough of it !
denim pieces are easy to find and easy to style .
Denim trend is simply one of my favorite look , you can find a piece of denim anywhere, wear it the way you like and it never goes out of style .
Denim on denim is absolutely a must -have trends it's can be worn in any season,  although prices rose very expensive finding a nice pair of denim on a budget can be quite gruelling these days. Meanwhile, all we want is a great value with reasonable price tag. Do you agree?
As a fashionista you always find away to stay fashionable and stylish without breaking the bank. I thought I 'll share with you some of my tips on buying  and shopping on my next blog.

For the past few weeks I was in the hunt for a denim skirt I've seen many online but wasn't quite satisfied .
My desire were to find a stretchy denim skirt not to short, I'm curvy  and when it comes to buy a denim  I prefer the one stretchable,  it's  more convenient. If you get what I mean. I went on a little promenade in central London, find this superb denim skirt in Primark  which is just a normal denim without outstretch, but its fit like a glove, well not so true because I had to get a size up then my usual size,  the skirt only cost £12  . I was quite astonish to see cute denim collections in Primark , I absolutely recommend!
Thank you for passing by xoxo


Shirt Soulcals see previous pos for link 
Skirt Primark
Shoes Charles jourdan Paris
Hat Ebay 
Bag Amazon
Watch Michael Kors 


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