Thursday, December 24, 2015

Balmain x Hm

Greeting Everyone!

First all , What a movement!! we were really influenced by The Balmain x hm , the amount of obsession was spectacular the only collaboration I was so looking forward to. I did not mind queuing for hours for that piece of clothing, not just a piece of cloth , it is Balmain honey! it started to feel really anxious when the countdown was finally begin , everyone could not wait to get their hands on the collection, I mean who woudn't want to own a piece of the most  high fashion couture . the queue and line up started the night before the event , it seemed so unreal , On my way home on the night before the big day , I had to stop at Oxford Circus central London to witness what I heard about people already in the queue and camping outside the store. I could not believe my eyes , there were tons of people queuing outside the store , it may sound crazy , but that was the reality of what was going down . we're crazy , that's why we're here. "said a lady I was talking to " why not just shop online, I asked her , she told me that the site was going to crushed , it's had happened in the past so it's not guaranty it would not be the case this year, this was a new awakening, I obviously could not wait to just do my shopping on line. Taught on a second, I was just thinking to join the movement and sleep outside , but I was not prepared . on the other hand my condition would not allow me . I suffer from a condition called cold urticaria. I can not be exposed for a long time in cold or wind. I decided to go home and sleep. the day of the event, I left the house early in the morning and jumped on the first train to central London . The situation was the same, except that it was  no longer a queue but a  crowd of people standing right in front of the other. After hours of waiting outside the store , the countdown has finally begun, it was finally time, but unfortunately it was so disorganized and the took a long delay to start letting people into the store . It was such irritated, unpleasant atmosphere , a number of people became unruly and wild, they were  fighting , arguing , although police and security were present. We were alerted by police about a robbery that went down , someone had their purchases of Balmain snitched on his hands. Surprisingly I find myself in front , ready to enter the store , thanks to the brutality and troubles , I was forcefully pushed all the way forward, without my will. Once in the store, there was Hm staff in their black t -shirt Balmain, clapping and cheering for us, congratulations!  congratulation ! they were saying " It looks like a movie and sounded like a song" like you just hit the jackpot ! hahaha . We were given 10  minutes to shop. I already knew what I wanted , so all I did was to find and pick up. I also had a specific budget that I was willing to spend. After we finished , we were escorted to the exit behind the store .

I got home began to try the clothes and it was a bit tight and uncomfortable , I'm a curvy girl I wear a size 10-12 on the top and 14 on the bottom. I knew of course that there would be problems with the design sizes  , so I took everything in size 14 UK which was also the final size of the collection "luckily" right! but the size of Balmain x Hm does not seem right , it was not normal sizes, nevertheless , clothing and materials were beautiful , the 3 pieces on the collection that I bought were all  silky fabrics is so rich and amazing!

The first time I wore the shirt, was at a Graduation  ceremony of a family member. Everything was well until the shirt burst , sadly *_(

 Thanks you ! For reading x  Merry Christmas and Happy holidays !!


  1. I'm glad I didn't go for all the hype. It looks Gorg on you though.

  2. You're right dear . This is my first and last experience lol . Thank you for passing by xox