Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The perfect Winter look x

Greeting everyone !! hope you had a wonderful Xmas and all ! 

This winter has not been easy at all , first I caught a cold and then I become really lazy to blogs, thankfully I found myself motivated again. I took the photos recently after I got out of the terrible cold flu when suddenly the cold had calm down a bit , it seemed cloudy , windy and a little hot in London " I guess it was " a sign of mercy cold for us "
Meanwhile , while I was ill, I had a little style inspiration, ideas have been held through my mind , the only thing was to wait for my recovery and start playing with my clothes. You may notice that the skirt , I'm wearing , I wore in one of my previous post , only added a few adjustments to the look . I must admit that this is one of my favorite look!

wearing : turtleneck bodysuit and pencil skirt from Debenhams store , Bourne boot , cloves from Amazon , faux fur can be find on Ebay , bag George J love
Thank you for passing by x