Thursday, August 18, 2016

Denim on Denim Encore!

There is no doubt denim on denim is one of my best -love trend! can't get enough of it !
denim pieces are easy to find and easy to style .
Denim trend is simply one of my favorite look , you can find a piece of denim anywhere, wear it the way you like and it never goes out of style .
Denim on denim is absolutely a must -have trends it's can be worn in any season,  although prices rose very expensive finding a nice pair of denim on a budget can be quite gruelling these days. Meanwhile, all we want is a great value with reasonable price tag. Do you agree?
As a fashionista you always find away to stay fashionable and stylish without breaking the bank. I thought I 'll share with you some of my tips on buying  and shopping on my next blog.

For the past few weeks I was in the hunt for a denim skirt I've seen many online but wasn't quite satisfied .
My desire were to find a stretchy denim skirt not to short, I'm curvy  and when it comes to buy a denim  I prefer the one stretchable,  it's  more convenient. If you get what I mean. I went on a little promenade in central London, find this superb denim skirt in Primark  which is just a normal denim without outstretch, but its fit like a glove, well not so true because I had to get a size up then my usual size,  the skirt only cost £12  . I was quite astonish to see cute denim collections in Primark , I absolutely recommend!
Thank you for passing by xoxo


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Skirt Primark
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  1. Denim is forever timeless and you werkin it so well.

  2. Denim looks good on you I told you in thee other post but what you have added in this one make the outfit life love the hat up looking hot honey I've missed your post

  3. Wow...lovely clicks babe...xoxo, Neha

  4. This denim on denim look suits you!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  5. Super total denim look! Love this outfit! *_*

  6. love the outfit, the denim dress is just too cool <3

  7. Denim has always been a classic and a timeless trend that never goes out. I totally love how you styled your double denim and the cap added so much chic plus you look like a badass on that car!!

  8. Classic denim look.

  9. I love denim on denim. Super hot! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW OUTFIT POST