Sunday, February 14, 2016

" Guide to Valentine's day "

"I believe when you are in a healthy  relationship everyday is a Valentine's Day " My boyfriend  and I recently got back together after 1 year  apart . We've been together for 5 years . He proposed after 2 years together , but never succeed to do it the traditional way , by that I mean ( African tradition) if you don't know I am African ,  I was Born And raised in Africa , growing up in Europe. The reason we're back together it is because I want to give us a second chance . He told me "I've changed ! , I'm a change man"But in real life (in reality) Man don't change . Isn't it ? Things are not  smooth as it should be , but will still trying to enjoy each other's company.

Valentine's Day is not that much of a big deal to me . I remember one day my boyfriend and I had a fight and I never realized it was Valentine's Day, until we were on our way despite our arguments , I joined him outside , I opened the car to my surprise ! he planted this beautiful bouquet of roses!! In the car seat :) That was so romantic ! Then he said : Happy valentine My Love ! We shared a kiss and everything was back to normal ! so cute right !!! Doesn't  end there , he took me to the perfume shop and asked me to choose anything I wanted  !! then we went on a cool restaurant for dinner, he then suggested that we should go to the cinema !.Please find bellow the old surprise picture !
Usually cinema and restaurants are the 2 places to go on a date or treat your lover on romantic night !
For food I'll suggest a delicious meal , lots of chocolate and strawberries , red sweet wine and  Champagne ! Et voila!!

 Our date night Yesterday and a splendid Dinner

#The Surprise Bouquet !

I was wearing : Top from Bolongaro Trevor ,Pencil Skirt River Island , Jacket Joe brown ,Shoes Christian Louboutin  , Bag Vintage Chanel
Assecories; denier socks M&Spencer , Earrings H&m , Bangles New looks 
Have a lovely Valentine's Day!!!  Be safe and drink responsibly .


  1. Love it all. Great look and awesome story. Glad you had a good VDay

    1. thank you babe ! hope you too had an awesome one!

  2. Gorgeous look and those shoes are fab.