Sunday, May 10, 2015

In my Sister's closet

The reasons I named this article Sister closet is because the all outfits could not be    archived without my sisters   Accessories The black cape jacket  and her brown Birkin bag added  spices to the  outfits, could not think  of other  accessories which could go  so well with the outfits, I mean I'm  already  wearing three different  colours which is a bit unlikely in fashion . Well, fashion worth the risk and effort to try, if you're not willing to take risks in  fashion, then you are not a true fashionista. That's just my concept, I  mean the way I see things in fashion.   First of all   the main inspiration behind  this outfits were my brown boots that  I bought a few months ago, I am very  pleased of them. So I look for all the  inspiration I could get by trying out  few clothes see which could work parfaitly well with the boots, my first instinct was a pair of blue jeans.  obviously, I went for the khaki one instead. And  simply pair it with a white T-shirt and added a black cape jacket on top .

I was wearing , Alberto Guardiani Boots , Preen by Thornton Brecazxi jeans , primark T shirt , Accessories : michael kors , Birkin 
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