Friday, October 16, 2015

New York City feelings

Greeting to all 

I have really not mush to talk about Today , actually the title already says everything. The inspiration behind this were during the fashion week in New York , I know I am not in New York, but I had the feeling and dreams of living in New York sometimes . I can imagine myself being in New York and go to fashion show wearing the outfits, for me it is a very Mush style "New Yorker" . I take the clothes to wear on the last day of the fashion week in London, unfortunately it started to rain and I wasn't able to make it . typical London weather .

I was wearing ; Luijo vest x , Next knee length shorts x , Primark tee x , Dirkbikkembergs shoes x, Chanel bag x, Celine tag beanie x , Michael kors watch x

Thanks for reading xox 

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