Monday, February 01, 2016

A pop of Orange (orange faux fur heel)

 Hi everybody!

What were some your favourites gifts you received during the Holidays season ? If you ask me I will say definitely this statement orange faux fur sandals . A gift from my lovely friend! oh yes  !! I mean what are friends for?  despite being loyal and being there for each other . This are most common in friendship,  but let's be honest, good friends are those who are kind and loving nah ? the friend who gives you their brand new shoes just because ! This statement heels I'm wearing was given to me by a good friend of mine during the holidays season . When she handed it to me I thought what a waouh wow...! The are from River island store and costed   £ 75 when she bought it, I bought it because it orange my favourite colour , I felt in love , I can not lie "she said" I only wore it once and got so many compliments , but my feet were hurting lol please ! I do not want to wear them again, so here you go take it Sandra ! "you're the queen of high heels"I know what you're thinking why would she give these beautiful shoes away ?Well, she is not a fan of high heels and on the other hand  can't barely walk on them oh la la la too bad, but I'm slowly getting her into "loving high heels " :) I am very happy and appreciate this gift , can't thank  her enough for this gorgeous heels! .

I'm wearing ; Pretty little thing Dress , 
Classic & Sport wear Coat 
New look Heel
Handbag from a local Boutique

Thank you for visiting! lots love xoxo


  1. I love those shoes, you look gorgeous.

  2. Thank you babe ! Thank you for passing by x