Thursday, November 19, 2015

Military look x

This is a kind of déjà vu outfits that I wore last year at a meeting , the old image as seen below, but this time I added a different touch to it . it's okay to repeat outfits as long as you can wear it differently and on another occasion . The idea was to create a feminine military look . many ideas were in my mind, trying to figure out how to give a different look to the outfits , style ! style! , I finally came to a conclusion. I have always been in search of a beret hat, to finally find one in a Mall , was very excited! the price was the cheapest you could get , I mean a price for a sandwich. it only costs £5 . I love a bargain! the beret were in many other colors , but honestly , it was very beautiful and chic in Bordeaux and is a color crush !  

Here's a look similar , I put together for inspiration. To archive the same look , you will need a knee length pencil skirt, a tight pair of high boots and an ordinary white shirt , if you can not find a beret hat, a black baseball leather cap will work equally well with the look.

 Pencil Skirt from River here , Bodysuit shirt House of Fraser here , Unreal Fur here , Tight high boots here , Handbag here , Baseball cap here 

I was wearing : Hawes & Cartis shirt x, Karen millen skirt x, justfab boot x, Hermes bag x,  accessories from  

Old photo taken in 2014

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  1. I'm all about repeating outfits! It's amazing how one accessory can completely change a look. Love that red beret! :)